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COME WITH US TO RIEJKA in Croatia for your dental care and SAVE 70% on implants in titanium STRAUMANN, ASTRA TECH, Lumineers Veneers CERINATE, bridges in ceramic and zirconium, reconstruction, dentures …!


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The Dental Practice is in Rijeka in Croatia! Here all speak English!

Dental Practice in Rijeka Croatia:

With DentistsCroatia you go to Rijeka`s (Croatia) in the best dental practice in town and save up to 70% of titanium implants Straumann, Astra Tech titanium implants, porcelain crowns, metal, zirconium crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers Lumineers, fillings, root canal treatment, root canals, restorations, whitening, braces, care paradontite with laser …

In the Dental Practice of Rijeka work four Surgeons Dentists with Degrees in Dentistry and Medicine, Post Graduate Dentistry, members of ALA World Clinical Laser Institute.

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Materials used:

Straumann titanium implants , Astra Tech Titanium implants, metal crowns Ivoclar Emax, Cerabone artificial bone , Lumineers2 , Pins 3M RelyX Fiber, root canal with HealOzone, Whitening Biolase

The clinic uses modern equipment KaVo:

– Aesthetics and 80, KaVo inExan RVG with laser positioning

– The instruments are sterilized by autoclave Vacuclav 24-B + 40 MELAdem

– In the Dental Practice of Rijeka working four dentists with Degrees in Dentistry and Medicine, members of the World Clinical Laser Institute of ALA. They work with magnifier glasses VISOR DENTAL MAGHIFYNG Loupe 4.0 X POWER

Straumann implant form Germany (prints are made ​​with 3M ESPE Pentamix) Astra tech Implants from Sveden
Laser Diagnostic DIAGNOdent Pen 2190 for invisible caries
Intraoral camera KaVo Ergo cam 4,
Conservative Dentistry and preparation of rotten teeth with micro-invasive ultrasound instruments (Sonicfex and Rondoflex 2003 L 360) and sterilization with ozone (HealOzone 2130 C),
Fixed or removable dentures, full porcelain crowns, zirconium foil aesthetic smile design
Periodontics: Micro Dent test for the detection of bacteria, treatments for gum care with Biolase Laser (Sterilization periodontal pockets, gingivectomy)
Root canal treatments and Sterilization with laser HealOzone,
Treatment and care of sensitive teeth with HealOzone, Whitening with laser
Veneers Cerinate Lumineers: feldspathic enriched with nano crystals of leucite, ideal for covering old composite restorations, mask misalignment of teeth, grinding teeth, broken and splintered. Prevents unsightly diastema and a permanent bleaching.
Invisalign invisible braces

Treatment Price/EUR

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Digital small X-ray 10

X-ray  Ortho Pantografica 25

Tac 120

Oral Hygiene 70

Teeth whitening with Opalescence Endo 50

Whitening Biolase ® with Above and Below 350

Simple extraction 50

Extraction of molars 80

Resection 150

Currettage Periodontal Closed for dial with Biolase ® 180

Currettage Periodontal Closed for tooth with Biolase ® 30

Currettage Periodontal Open for dial with Biolase ® 375

Currettage Periodontal Open for tooth with Biolase ® 70

Root canal treatment with Healozone 150

Devitalization 70

Care periodontitis with laser = 720

Filling with concrete 45

Composite Filling 75

Composite filling of molars 90

Lasers that heals the wounds free

Ceramic Inlay 240

Inlay Composite (Gradia) 240

Abutment 70

Abutment Fiberglass 80

Porcelain fused to metal crown on implant 250

Porcelain fused to metal crown 200

Crown Porcelain fused to Gold 24 carat gold price 180 +

Crown 100% Ceramic 400 €

Porcelain crown fused Zirconium 400

Temporary crown free

Crown Plastic / Acrylic 35

Snap on 890

Snap in (5 items) 500

Removing old crown crown 10

Temporary tooth long duration 70


Porcelain Veneer (Veneer) 350

Lumineers by Cerinate 390


Removable denture complete with teeth 450

Removable partial teeth 390

Telescopic crown (primary and secondary) 335

Realignment of Teeth 70

Skeletal teeth 790

Skeletonized 890 teeth with hidden attacks

Temporary teeth 350

Dentaplast teeth (Flex) 790

Tooth additional 75


Straumann implant with porcelain crown fused metal 950

Straumann locator with 990

Astra Tech implant with porcelain crown fused metal 950

A bar with clip closure system 390

Sinus lift with artificial bone and membrane 1700

Inserting artificial bone 450-850

Emdogain 790

Locator 590

Protective Nightbite 150

Anesthesia 100

Kit medicines 10

Orthodontic appliances

Orthocaps-Invisible orthodontics (3-3) 1450

Orthocaps-Invisible orthodontics (6-6) 2125


Beauty treatments with fillers (Restylane)

Reduction of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid 1 ml 390 €

Increase in the volume of the lips 390 €

Youthful appearance with 2 ml Restylane Vital 290 €

Beauty treatments with botulinum toxin (Botox)

Glabellar frown lines between the eyes 190 €

Lines that are formed above the eyebrow € 190

Front lines on the forehead and corruganti 190 €

Lines around the eyes 190 €